MD/PhD Admissions

students walking through the school

Admission to the Tufts MSTP program is highly competitive. Five students are typically accepted each year from a pool of nearly 300 applicants. Applicants are assessed based on research experience, GPA, MCAT scores and performance at a personal interview. GRE scores are not required. Application is coordinated with Tufts University School of Medicine and the American Medical College Application System (AMCAS). Prospective students must apply through the AMCAS.

Information on AMCAS and the application process

MD/PhD applicants follow this timeline.

Admissions Process

All MD/PhD applications are reviewed by the program director, Dr Chin and Dr. Huggins the co-director in consultation with an admissions committee. These individuals assess qualifications, invite applicants for interviews. Applicants selected for interview are contacted by program staff via e-mail to make arrangements for their visit.

Applicants admitted to the MD/PhD program are also admitted to both the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and Tufts University School of Medicine without separate application or interview. Applications that are not selected for consideration for the MD/PhD program may still be considered by Tufts University School of Medicine for admission to the MD program.

Second Portal Admissions

Students already enrolled in the MD program at Tufts University School of Medicine can also apply to the MD/PhD program through the Second Portal Program. Students with a strong research background, demonstrated research accomplishments and strong performance in the first two years of medical school are encouraged to consider this option. Students accepted through the Second Portal begin their MD/PhD studies with the PhD portion of their work.