Dean's Message

Daniel Jay, Dean of Sackler

The mission of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences is to train the next generation to career excellence in academia and across the biomedical workforce. We bring together committed faculty and talented students in a collaborative and supportive environment to probe the mechanisms of biological phenomena and discover new knowledge to understand how diseases arise and can be overcome. We hold as key values research excellence, good mentorship, collaboration across disciplines and inclusion.

The landscape of science is rapidly changing. Our graduates will be well prepared to be leaders bringing our key values to advance research in the complex world of biomedical science. They will be encouraged toward career awareness and provided with opportunities to develop skills that enhance their success. Thus, our trainees will flourish in the current era of big data science and cutting edge technology to contribute to the rapid pace of discovery we now enjoy.

Our faculty number more than 200 and is committed to the training of our students and postdoctoral scholars. Students work closely with their dissertation advisors to create unique and important discoveries and enjoy the support of other faculty who serve on their highly interactive thesis committees. Our faculty understands that we are training our future colleagues and leaders of the biomedical workforce, and our commitment to excellence and collegiality permeates all our educational endeavors. We provide an integrated training to foster professional scientists throughout their training. Students develop essential communication skills and present at national and international scientific meetings. Our location in Boston and environs permits access to the rich environment of superb biomedical research institutions and universities and the greatest concentration of biomedical companies in the world.

Our graduates now number over 1,100 and many have excelled in academia, biotechnology and pharma, scientific writing and a wide array of science-based careers. Just as those who have gone before, today's GSBS students will be well prepared to meet the exciting challenges and enjoy the rewards that a career in biomedical science provides. As Dean, I am committed to their success.

Dan Jay, PhD Dean