Announcements & Alerts

Our closure policy is detailed below.

Inclement Weather Policy

When the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) is closed, classes are canceled and the GSBS office, the library and the fitness center are closed.

Laboratories will be open and if you can safely travel to campus via walking or public transportation (assuming that it's running), and you have time-sensitive experimental work, you may go to your laboratory. If safe travel is not possible, please do not put yourself or others at risk. In that case, let your advisor know that you will not be able to come to campus.

To determine if GSBS will be closed during weather emergencies, please check the links below. Due to the possibility of power outages in weather emergencies, email is not always a reliable way to communicate this information.

Weather emergency closings are publicized in the following ways:

You can also sign up to receive weather alerts of the Tufts Alerts! webpage.

If GSBS is closed (or the opening is delayed), the announcement could be ANY of the following:

  1. Tufts University all campuses
  2. Tufts University-Boston Campus
  3. Tufts Health Sciences Campus
  4. Tufts Medical School or Tufts University School of Medicine

Please note that in some cases, classes may be cancelled or delayed only on the Grafton or Medford campus due to the track of the storm and the announcement will specify only the campus(es) that are closed.

For more information about preparing for winter storms and other weather-related emergencies, please visit the Emergency Preparedness website.