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The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) provides training through PhD and MS programs in biomedical science as well as a combined NIH-funded MD/PhD (MSTP). Our programs are strongly grounded in the collegial and collaborative atmosphere that permeates our school and the Tufts University Health Science campus that is our home.

Basic Science PhD Programs

The PhD programs in the Basic Science Division are designed to prepare students for research-focused careers in academic institutions of higher learning or in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. An integrated approach to the study of biomedical research problems is infused with strong discipline-based training in each of our five programs.

The specific requirements for each basic science doctoral program vary but all programs share a basic structure with laboratory rotations and course work in the first year. Thesis research is at the core of the training and is overseen by the thesis mentor and a highly interactive thesis committee. Students typically begin their dissertation work in June of their first year. The faculty mentor and highly interactive thesis committees guide students through the research phase of their training.

All basic science PhD programs are available to MD/PhD students.

JAX Track Programs in the Basic Sciences

In addition to the traditional basic science programs based on the Health Sciences Campus, GSBS collaborates with The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) in Bar Harbor, ME to offer two special tracks - one within the Genetics PhD program and one within the Neuroscience PhD program. These tracks, called Mammalian Genetics at JAX and Neuro at JAX, provide students with the opportunity to experience training on both the Boston campus and at JAX in Maine and lead to a PhD degree. 

Students in these tracks spend some time on the Boston campus but conduct their thesis research with faculty based at JAX in Bar Harbor. The requirements for these tracks are the same as those for other basic science PhD students.

Clinical Research PhD, MS & Certificate Program

The Clinical Research division offers PhD, MS and Certificate programs through the Clinical and Translational Science training program. Most students enrolled in these programs are physicians or other health care professionals who have already obtained an advanced degree. The additional training provided by a PhD in Clinical and Translational Science positions these individuals for academic careers focused on patient-centered research.

Students are admitted directly to the MS and Certificate programs. They can move to the PhD program prior to finishing their MS by successfully completing the PhD Qualifying Examination.

MS in Pharmacology & Drug Development

The MS in Pharmacology a& Drug Development curriculum is a series of required and elective courses focusing on basic and clinical pharmacology as it relates to drug development. In addition to significant coursework in translational pharmacology, students must also complete three elective courses and participate in weekly journal clubs and program seminars. Laboratory rotations are conducted in the first year and laboratory-based thesis research is conducted in the second year of training.

Post-Baccalaureate Research Internship Program

This non-degree program is ideal for recent college graduates interested in gaining research experience and improving skills before applying to graduate degree programs in the biomedical sciences.

Summer Research

Through the Building Diversity in Biomedical Sciences program, GSBS offers mentored research training and career development to undergraduates.

Pathway to the PhD

GSBS sponsors this inter-session program for undergraduates in partnership with the University of Massachusetts - Boston.


Studying in Boston

The many academic institutions in Boston create a student-centered atmosphere.


Health Science Campus sign

Health Science Campus

The Health Sciences Campus is home to GSBS, the Schools of Medicine, Dental Medicine, Nutrition, Tufts Medical Center and several research institutes.


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