Career Events

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GSBS provides a range of programming to help students navigate their career path. Events are publicized in the weekly Goods newsletter.

Career Development Seminars

GSBS will be offering a series of Career and Professional Development seminars throughout the 2022-23 Academic Year. Taught by experts including Lauren Celano (Propel Career founder) and Dr. Nana Lee (Director of Graduate Professional Development & Mentorship, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream at the University of Toronto), these seminars are designed to help students explore their career options, prepare for the job market, and translate their PhD skills to any number of career paths.

Career Development Newsletter

To keep our students and faculty apprised of our career programming, as well as job and award opportunities, GSBS has launched a Career and Professional Development Newsletter. The newsletter is sent to all GSBS students and faculty every other Wednesday and contains information about upcoming events; award and fellowship opportunities; and job listings, including postdoctoral fellowships.

If you have an event or listing to include in the newsletter, please email Alex Israel with the details.

Career Coaching

In addition to the seminar series, GSBS will be offering one-on-one career coaching meetings with Lauren Celano.

Learn more about career coaching.

Upcoming Career Events


Building a Positive On-line Personal Brand: Using LinkedIn, Blogs, and Other Social Media Tools with Lauren Celano

January 19, 4 – 6pm

This webinar will provide guidance for how to build and develop a professional on‐line personal brand using sites like LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook, blogs, GitHub and by having an online portfolio. We will dive into Functionality of LinkedIn and how to customize a profile. Lauren will discuss the importance of highlighting your background and experiences and ways to develop thought leadership to compliment your resume. Lauren will discuss how organizations utilize these tools to identify talent for open positions. Lauren will also discuss ways to leverage these tools to identify career opportunities and to connect with people for informational interviews. Lastly, this seminar will cover how to use the job preference features LinkedIn to let internal and external recruiters know what you are looking for.

This session will be offered virtually.

Register for January 19th here.


Networking Insights: An Overview of Networking Events, Resources and Organizations with Lauren Celano

February 16, 4 – 6pm

This seminar discusses various ways to utilize networking events, organizations, conferences and other resources to aid in a career search. Lauren will also cover news sources and websites that are relevant to gain information about specific research areas or industry trends for different areas of the life sciences sector. Lauren will also discuss how to utilize these sources to identify companies of interest and how to follow up with them for career opportunities.

This session will be offered virtually.

Register for February 16th here.


Health Sciences Campus Career Fair and Employer Expo

March 3, 12:30 – 4pm

For more information about the Career Fair, see the Career Fair webpage.


Active Listening for Leadership with Tiffany House

April 6, 3 – 5pm

Storytelling is one of the quickest ways to build connection and trust with others. Learn how to practice deep listening skills and establish guiding principles as exchange stories of courage with your peers. Tiffany House, Associate Director for Diversity and Inclusion Education for the Tufts Health Sciences Campus, will lead this workshop.

This session will be offered virtually.

Register for April 6th here.

Looking Your Best on Paper: Building a Resume or CV and Cover Letter with Lauren Celano

April 20, 4 – 6pm

This seminar focuses on how to highlight experiences and skills on a resume and cover letter and the importance of tailoring these documents for specific roles. This seminar will provide examples of skills and experiences that should be emphasized for different types of roles including bench research roles, nonbench research roles, business development, marketing, consulting, product/project management roles, and clinical roles. Advice will be provided regarding resume formatting and examples will be shown to highlight proper formatting. Lastly, attendees will learn how to write a tailored cover letter for a specific job description and what information a hiring manager looks for in this document.

This session will be offered in-person, with a hybrid option for remote attendees.

Register for April 20th here.


Acing the Interview with Lauren Celano

May 11, 4 – 6pm

This seminar provides advice for how to succeed during an interview and will cover different interview formats including phone, skype, in person one‐on‐one and panel settings. This seminar provides insight on what hiring managers look for when conducting interviews as well as typical interview questions with examples of responses. Lauren will discuss how to prepare for skills based questions (i.e. tell me more about your cell culture experience) as well as “soft skills” questions (i.e. tell me how you work in a team, or how you show initiative). Lauren will provide insight on why companies use behavioral interviewing and the important role of culture fit and personality fit in an interview. Lauren will also provide advice on research that a candidate can do to make sure they have relevant background information on the company and interviewers and advice on what questions to ask during an interview. Lauren will provide guidance relevant for scientific, non‐scientific, and consulting interviews.

This session will be offered in-person, with a hybrid option for remote attendees.

Register for May 11th here.