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Working together to solve biomedical problems through research

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Working together to solve biomedical problems through research

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Values and Commitment

We join together towards a common goal of achieving social and racial justice in our school, community, and society. It is our mission and responsibility to create a school and community that, in composition and authority, seeks to be as diverse as the society in which we live.

We are committed to the education of our students and will:

  • provide outstanding graduate biomedical science education that prepares graduates to be future leaders in research, teaching, biotechnology and other science-based careers
  • provide strong support for career development and career exploration
  • foster integration across the basic, translational and clinical arenas to effectively attack critical health problems
  • integrate with the Tufts-wide community to provide wide access to research opportunities.

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Our Campuses

We are located in the heart of the Health Sciences Campus of Tufts University in downtown Boston, a campus shared with the School of Medicine, Tufts Medical Center, the School of Dental Medicine, the Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition, and the USDA Jean Mayer Human Nutrition Research Institute on Aging.

We also engage faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering on Tufts' Medford Campus and faculty from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine on Tufts' Grafton campus.

Students may also conduct their thesis research at The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine through Mammalian Genetics at JAX and Neuro at JAX.

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GSBS Facts

GSBS is home to over 200 faculty and over 50 new students join us each year.

A Proud Tradition

Our school was established in 1980 and has enjoyed a distinguished history since it was founded. Its graduate training programs have evolved over the years to best match both the needs of our students and the changing career landscape in biomedical science.

GSBS has graduated nearly 1300 students since it was founded. Our alumni have accomplished amazing things as scientists, educators and entrepreneurs.

Our alumni remain engaged with us and with our current students. They provide valuable insights into their training experiences and give us valuable advice on ways we can maintain our high standards of excellence.

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