Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the admissions process. If your question is not here, please contact us.

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  • Application deadlines start in December for Basic Science PhDs and run into August for the online certificate. Complete information can be found on the Admissions page.

  • Yes. However, every additional application requires payment of an additional application fee.

  • GSBS offers MS degrees in Clinical and Translational Science, Pharmacology & Drug Development, and Biomedical Research, a program that allows trainees to select from four different disciplines.

  • International students are welcome. International students in the PhD programs in the Basic Science Division are eligible for the same financial package as other students. For tuition-bearing programs, international students are subject to the same tuition and fees as other students. Only US citizens and Permanent Residents are eligible for the BDBS, PREP, and MD/PhD programs.

  • The GSBS does not set a specific number of international students that it will admit each year, but instead weighs the applications of all applicants to select those who are the best qualified. About 20% of our students come from countries outside the United States.

  • Each applicant is considered individually. Program Admissions committees weigh many factors including academic history, research experience, recommendations, and test scores, if submitted.

  • The GRE general test is no longer required for applicants to the Basic Science PhD Division programs, but it is required for the MS in Pharmacology & Drug Development. The GRE is optional for applicants to the MS in Biomedical Research. 

    Applicants to the Clinical and Translational Science Program who previously completed professional degrees (eg, MD, DDS, PharmD, DVM) are not required to complete the GRE general test; applicants with other degrees should contact the Admissions Office directly.

  • For the programs that require the GRE, there is no minimum GRE requirement; all factors are considered when reviewing applications.

  • None of our programs require a GRE subject test for admission.

  • Minimum score requirements vary by program, and by test. The table below shows the scores required for each program.

    ProgramTest Scores
    MS in Pharmacology & Drug Development
    MS in Biomedical Research
    TOEFL - 80
    IELTS - 6.5
    Duolingo - 110
    PTE - 58
    Online Certificate in Health Economics and Outcomes ResearchTOEFL - 80
    IELTS - 6.5
    Duolingo - 110
    PTE - 58
    Basic Science PhD ProgramsTOEFL - 100
    IELTS - 7.0
    Duolingo - 125
    PTE - 68
    Clinical & Translational Science PhD, MS, and Certificate programsTOEFL - 100
    IELTS - 7.0
    Duolingo - 125
    PTE - 68
  • No, all applicants must demonstrate English proficiency in one of the ways listed under "English Proficiency" on the Required Application Documents page.

  • No, photocopies, faxes or emailed attachments of scores are not considered official. All GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, and Duolingo scores must come directly from the testing agency, and copies of PTE score reports must be submitted for verification.

  • Get more information on financing your education.

  • Yes. However, be sure that any additional letters of recommendation are coming from individuals who know you and your work and who can add insight and information that is distinct from that provided by your other recommenders.

  • Personal letters of recommendation that specifically address your potential for success at GSBS are extremely important in the application process and are strongly encouraged of all applicants. Generic letters from a letter service will be accepted, but all materials must be submitted through the online application form. Each faculty recommendation must be accompanied by a completed applicant rating grid, which is available to the recommender within Slate.

  • No. You may upload digital versions of official or unofficial transcripts to your application. Complete official transcripts are only required for applicants who have accepted offers of admission.

  • If you create a new application using the same account as last year, much of your information will automatically carry over (including valid test scores and uploaded transcripts). You will also have the option to bring in last year’s letters of recommendation, if you wish to do so. Your resume and personal statement will need to be uploaded again, and there may be new or reconfigured questions to answer as you review your application before submission.

  • GSBS offers fee waivers to applicants based on certain criteria. See more information about fee waivers.

  • Once your application has been submitted you will receive an email notification from GSBS. You can log into the online application portal with your username and password which will allow you to view the status of your application at any time throughout the admissions process, including if materials are missing.

  • GSBS does not have a Spring admissions period. New students are enrolled only once a year, either Summer or Fall, depending on the program.

  • Interviews for Basic Science Division PhD programs are typically held in January and February, with each program following its own schedule. Interviews for the MS in Pharmacology & Drug Development are often held in April and May. Interviews for the MS in Biomedical Research are held on a rolling basis from February to April. This program also offers interviews via Zoom.

  • Interviews are required for all of our PhD programs and can easily be conducted remotely.

  • Once you have submitted your application, check your application portal for more details

  • Students who have begun a PhD program at another university and would like to enroll in Tufts instead should apply through the regular admissions process.