Second Portal Applications

working in the lab

The Second Portal Program gives students already enrolled at Tufts Medical School the opportunity to switch to the MD/PhD Program. Students in M2 apply to the program through Slate. In addition to the completed application, several documents are required.

Access Slate here.

Documents Required

  • A copy of the original AMCAS application including letters of reference
  • A description of research experience
  • An essay explaining research interest(s), and why the applicant is a good candidate for the MD PhD dual degree program
  • An updated resume
  • An unofficial TUSM transcript
  • The name of the faculty member with whom they are interested in working
  • Additional letters as listed below:
    1. A letter demonstrating support from the Tufts Medical School Dean for Student Affairs
    2. A letter from the Tufts faculty member in whose lab they worked in the summer between M1 and M2, addressing accomplishments and potential in basic biomedical science research
    3. A letter of commitment from the faculty member who will be the student's thesis mentor

Application Fee

There is no application fee for Second Portal Applicants.

Application Deadline

Applications are due in mid-January; incomplete applications will not be reviewed. 

For more information email Michael Chin, MD, PhD, MSTP Director.