GSBS Staff

The GSBS Dean's Office is located in Suite 813 of the Center for Medical Education at 145 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02111.

The main Dean's Office phone number is 617-636-6767.

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Our Team

Dan Jay

Daniel Jay, PhD, Dean

Dan Volchok

Daniel Volchok, EdD, Associate Dean

Laura Felch

Laura Felch, MEd, Director of Graduate Admissions

Contact me about: Admissions information; orientation; graduate school fairs; Slate questions

craig keller

Craig Keller, MEd, Registrar

Contact me about: Transcript requests; degree requirements; academic policies and procedures

Sara Abbott

Sara Abbott, Assistant Director of Business Operations

Contact me about: Training grants; payroll and benefits; program budgets

Alex Israel

Alexandra Israel, MA, Event Planner & Marketing Specialist

Contact me about: Event logistics; marketing and communications; career and professional development planning

Hannah Hanemann

Hannah Hanemann, Program Coordinator

Contact me about: PhD programs in Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology, Genetics and Immunology

Jan Schenden

Jan Schenden, Research Administrator II

Contact me about: Fellowship applications; travel reimbursements; hiring paperwork

Maya Zakharia

Maya Zakharia, Program Coordinator

Contact me about: Combined MD/PhD program; MS program in Pharmacology & Drug Development; post-baccalaureate research program (PREP)