Dean's Message - September 12, 2022

Remember the benefits of being on campus. Interacting is an important part of learning and is good for science and for well-being.
Jaharis Building in the spring

Dear GSBS Community,

First, I want to extend a warm welcome to our new students! It was a pleasure meeting everyone at orientation last week. We heard from the new GSBS class how excited they are to meet and interact with other students and faculty from across the school.

As we start the new semester, I want to remind all students, faculty and staff of the value of participating in person at seminars, classes, program activities and social events. I think we got out of the habit of attending in person and our community was lesser for this. Now that COVID restrictions have lifted, however, the value of personal interaction can’t be overemphasized. Science is a social activity: mentoring, community support and shared scientific brainstorming enhances all of our work.

I especially wish to reach out to our faculty. You never know when your words and thoughts will have impact on our students’ progress, in your lab, your program, and beyond. Informal interactions can spark wonderful ideas, and knowing that each of our students have support across our school increases their confidence and benefits our whole community. In my chats with our alumni – including our notable alumni award winners – their lasting memories were of such chance interactions at teas or seminars. We need to instill in the next generation that being a present mentor is not only a responsibility, but a joy.

I encourage everyone to make every effort to be present. This makes us a better, more welcoming environment where our students may do their best work and train to become excellent scientists.

Dan Jay