GSBS Recognizes Alumni Achievements

GSBS celebrates its notable alumni. Learn more about the amazing things these alumni have accomplished!
notable alumni

Top, from left: Margaret I. Johnston, Robert E. Braun, Eric J. Rubin, Frank J. Slack, Gregory J. Sieczkiewicz. Center, from left: Hillel I. Sims, Jeffrey F. Miller, Jennifer Nwankwo, Joanne Barnes Weidhaas, John Q. Trojanowski. Bottom, from left: Lynn L. Silver, Lalita Ramakrishnan, Peter H. Brodeur, Karen M. Puopolo, Sean B. Carroll. Photos courtesy of honorees.

GSBS has named its first group of Notable Alumni. The selection committee, led by chair Jonathan Schimmel, who completed his PhD in Molecular Microbiology in 2000 and is also a member of the GSBS Board of Advisors, set out to create a “family photo” of sorts of GSBS alumni, including all generations of graduates. The honorees represent multiple graduate programs and span many years of our educational history.

You can read brief biographies of the Notable Alumni here.

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