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Probing the genetics of neurological disease

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Probing the genetics of neurological disease

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The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences in Boston, MA, and The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) in Bar Harbor, ME, collaboratively offer Neurogenetics (Neuro at JAX) within the Neuroscience PhD Program. JAX is a premiere, non-profit institution for mammalian genetics and genomics research, focused on the study of health, disease, and treatment. The JAX research community includes a diverse community of about 150 postbacs, graduate students and postdoctoral associates, providing a welcoming, collegial environment for PhD students in the JAX Track.

Students in Neuro at JAX carry out their training at JAX and receive a PhD in Neuroscience from GSBS and Tufts University upon successful completion of the program.

Faculty and Research

Our training faculty is based at JAX and interacts frequently with GSBS faculty based in Boston. 

The research interests of our faculty include neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and glaucoma; neuromuscular diseases; addiction and other maladaptive behaviors; sensory systems; and neurodevelopment.

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Applicants to the Neuro at JAX track apply to the Neuroscience PhD program at the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) using the online application and select Neuro at JAX on the application.

Admitted students carry out all phases of their education in Bar Harbor.

Applicants have the opportunity to meet faculty at The Jackson Laboratory and visit the facility during the admissions process.

Neuro at JAX Admissions


Students in Neuro at JAX complete the same curriculum as students in Neuroscience. Didactic course work, journal clubs and seminars are all part of the course of study. These activities are available via video links so that students at all locations can participate.

Like other students in the Neuroscience program, students at JAX carry out three laboratory rotations in their first year to expose them to different research projects, mentors and laboratory settings.

Students have access to all of the scientific resources of The Jackson Laboratory, including comprehensive research core facilities and exceptional training opportunities through JAX’s Courses and Conferences programs.

Neuro at JAX Curriculum
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Meet Our Students

student in the lab

Our program admitted its first students in 2020. They have come to us from come from across the US and the world and are pursuing a wide range of thesis projects.

Neuro at JAX Students

Student Publications


Publication is an important part of PhD training. Our first students are just beginning to publish their work.

Neuro at JAX Student Publications

Neuro at JAX Contact Information

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