Md/PhD Retreat

presenting a poster

The MSTP program sponsors an annual retreat for trainees, faculty and staff. The retreat provides everyone with an opportunity to assess the year's events and review progress made in the program. Everyone has the opportunity to interact in scientific and social settings.

The day features a keynote speaker as well as time for students to discuss programmatic ideas and present feedback to program leadership. In addition, a poster session for more junior students and short oral presentations for more senior students completing their research years give students and faculty the opportunity to come together and discuss the wide variety of projects being pursued by MSTP students. New features added in recent years include 24/7 talks by students and faculty and breakout sessions focused on challenges at different stages of training.

The retreat is held at a location away from the Health Sciences Campus to allow trainees and faculty the opportunity to relax and become immersed in the events of the day.