Research/Areas of Interest: Bioorganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology. A significant frontier in chemical biology lies in the ability to develop new, selective chemical transformations that transpire at mild temperatures amidst many other reactive species and in parallel with the countless transformations that occur inside of a living cell. Research in the Scheck laboratory focuses on the invention and application of encodable, bioorthogonal chemical strategies. These tools will be used to report on inducible changes in protein function in living cells. Current efforts in the lab fall into two broad categories: 1) The development of new chemical methods that are used to study complex posttranslational modification networks and 2) The study of native and unnatural posttranslational modifications to provide valuable chemical and synthetic biology tools.


  • PhD Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, United States, 2008
  • BA Chemistry, Columbia University, New York, United States, 2004