Research/Areas of Interest:

I do not accept students for bench research at this time.

My primary research interests involve the the role of inflammation and oxidants (from hyperoxia, inflammation, infection) in causing acute and chronic lung injury (leading to asthma, repeated pulmonary infections), retinopathy (leading to blindness) and neurologic injury (leading to cerebral palsy) in preterm and full term infants. Our group was the first one to give recombinant human antioxidants (Superoxide Dismutase) and recombinant human clara cell protein (in separate studies) to preterm infants which resulted in significantly reduced inflammation in the lung and improvements in pulmonary outcome.

We also study neonatal abstinence syndrome (babies born with drug addiction) and are working to develop new therapeutics to prevent neonatal lung injury.


  • MD, McGill University, Canada, 1981
  • BA, Brandeis University, United States, 1976