Research/Areas of Interest: Our research seeks to better understand and address the limitations of using group‐derived evidence as the basis for decision making in individual patients. He employs a risk modeling approach based on the close integration of clinical and statistical reasoning. A practicing general internist, Dr Kent has methodological expertise in risk modeling, individual patient meta‐analysis, and observational comparative effectiveness studies. The clinical focus of his research has been largely in the areas of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, including federally funded work examining factors that affect the potential benefits of reperfusion therapies for patients with acute myocardial infarction and with acute ischemic stroke, and of antithrombotic therapies or mechanical closure for patients with patent foramen ovale and cryptogenic stroke.


  • MSc, University of Michigan–Ann Arbor, United States, 1999
  • MD, McGill University, Canada, 1991
  • BS, Binghamton University, United States, 1986