Message from Your GSC - March 6, 2023

Spring is coming! Keep in touch and learn about upcoming events.
BRPH Entrance


In less than a week, we will be turning the clocks ahead by one hour when daylight savings time begins. It will be a nice change to have an extra hour of light each day as we move towards spring! Something else to look forward to this weekend is the GSC sponsored trip to the MFA followed by a free lunch at Boston Shawarma! There is still plenty of space for people to sign up for the outing and you can do so here.

The designs for our upcoming GSBS apparel sale are nearly finalized and information about how you can purchase it will be sent out shortly. As always, please contact us or your program's GSC representatives with any event suggestions, questions, or concerns you have.

Have a fantastic week!
Your GSC Execs - Sid, Maya, and Theresa