Message from Your GSC - January 29, 2024

Check out the events that are coming up and remember to welcome those visiting campus during our admissions interview season.
BRPH Entrance

Hello GSBS,

In the next few weeks we will be welcoming a variety of new people to campus for admissions in our different GSBS programs. We encourage you to all introduce yourselves and let them know your favorite aspects of Tufts GSBS! For us, we appreciate the tight knit community on campus that allows us to get to know each other professionally and personally in our time here.

GSC is happy to share that we have contacted Tufts administrators to advocate for your concerns about our current healthcare plan. We hope that in the near future we can share positive updates, but nonetheless thank you for voicing your concerns and please know that we took them all into account in drafting our letter.

As an additional reminder to clubs on campus - GSC will be reviewing budget proposals for the spring to contribute to club events. Please reply to GSC with your completed budget form prior to our meeting on February 21st!

Lastly, GSC is subsidizing a trip to the Harvard Museum of Natural History on February 17; students will pay $5 and GSC will cover the rest of the ticket cost and lunch. We will plan to meet at DIG Cambridge around 12:30 prior to touring the museum. If you are interested in attending, please sign up on the google sheet by this Friday, February 2nd.

Stay warm!

Tufts GSC Executive Council
Sammy, Kimberly & Molly