BDBS is back on campus

GSBS is excited to have BDBS students back on campus. Learn about this year's group!
BDBS students

BDBS, our summer undergraduate research program, is back to on-campus operation this year. We are very excited to have the students back in person again!

Meet this years students.

Student Undergraduate Institution & Major BDBS Mentor
Jesse Akaa Tufts University, Biochemistry Andrew Camilli
Olusola Babalola Harvard University, Human Developmental & Regenerative Biology Pam Yelick
Karina Colomba University of Puerto Rico - Cayey, Biology Jonathan Garlick
Marina Fernandez-Campa University of Florida, Biomedical Engineering Paul Davies
Ida Gnanou Emmanuel College, Biology with Health Science Karl Munger
Deena Haque Brown University, Health & Human Biology; Education Studies Michele Jacob
Kaylee Haynes University of Massachusetts - Boston, Biology Mail Raman
Thomas Holtz Boston, College, Neuroscience Chris Dulla
Ereny Morcos Bowdoin College, Government & Legal Studies Benjamin Wessler
Winnie Faith Muiru Bryn Mawr College, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Bree Aldridge
Gift Nnamdi University of California - Los Angeles, Neuroscience Leon Reijmers
Amarachi Onwuka University of Pittsburg, Molecular Biology Katya Heldwein
Juan Rosa University of Puerto Rico - Cayey, Biology John Leong
Keisha Serrano-Arroyo University of Puerto Rico - Cayey, Biology Brent Cochran
Elizabeth Turner Rockhurst University, Molecular Biology Carol Kumamoto
Michelle Villagran Wellesley College, Chemistry Jose Ordovas
Bryanna Vilnaigre New York University, Neural Science Sarah Booth
Christina Volpe University of Florida, Biology Gordon Huggins