Associate Dean's Message - April 24, 2023

Learn about new opportunities in the CTS Program
Sackler building entrance

Dear GSBS Community,

The Clinical and Translational Science Program (CTS) has been an integral part of GSBS for a number of years. Traditionally, CTS training has focused on post-doc students, primarily MDs from Tufts Medical Center, who seek to translate basic research into improved clinical care and public health. CTS is in the last stages of approval of a new T32 training grant that will provide pre-doctoral slots. Once approved, current basic science GSBS PhD students will be eligible to enroll in the program.

Those interested in earning a certificate can apply for the one-year, part-time program. If accepted, they will be funded through the T32 (rather than their PI’s grant) and be a half-time CTS student and half-time student in their PhD lab. Details regarding this new option in CTS are available by downloading the CTS Information Sheet..

We are also working on approval for a joint MS/PhD program, where PhD students would apply and enroll in the full-time CTS Masters program either during their PhD or after they defend but before the graduate. GSBS funding would continue through the T32 during the master’s years. Upon approval of this program, we anticipate enrollment to open for this joint MS/PhD in the Summer of 2024.

Dan Volchok, Associate Dean