Weaving Together Career Development

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There are many ways to contribute one’s talent in the field of biomedical sciences, whether it’s through a career in industry, academia, science communications, intellectual property law, or another specialized area. Now, with lead support from Jane and Mark Hirsh and other contributors, GSBS has developed a year-long suite of career and professional development programming designed to help students build the skills they’ll need to achieve their wide-ranging professional goals.

“Biomedical science is an expanding field” beyond the traditional academic path, says Alex Israel, who coordinates the program on behalf of the GSBS Dean’s Office. “We want to make sure that our students know about the breadth of opportunities that are open to them.”

GSBS endeavors to program speakers who reflect this breadth, while also affirming the school’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). For example, recent programming included workshops on navigating career choices, active listening, building a positive online personal brand, resources for networking, and integrating career development with DEI initiatives. In addition to these group workshops—which are offered virtually or in “hybrid” virtual and in-person formats to increase access—GSBS students and postdocs can schedule one-on-one coaching sessions with a career consultant who specializes in this field.

Iris Montes, a fourth-year student in the Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology program, has attended a few of the group workshops in hopes of enhancing her professional skillset alongside her development as a scientist. The topics were familiar, but once she attended, Montes “realized that there was so much more depth” to the content. Specifically, of the DEI program Montes says, “Topics covered in the workshop were things I had experienced for myself and couldn’t really put a name to. It was only after the session that I realized there was a whole area of study, within sociology and psychology, and now I’m more aware and better able to navigate these experiences as they come up.”

Response to the new programming format has been largely positive, says Israel. “Students are getting specific, concrete takeaways they can utilize in their career, post-Tufts.”

GSBS alumni have played an important role in the programming’s success, too. In addition to making financial contributions that enable the school to bring in expert presenters and coaches, alumni speakers and mentors have shared their real-world insights with students as they further explore the many, rewarding professional paths.

Learn how you can support this effort

Alumni and friends can further support professional development programming for GSBS students by visiting the GSBS Career Fund webpage