The Nikhil Nair Lab


Science & Technology Center 276, Medford Campus

Research in our lab is focused primarily on altering various aspects of microbial physiology with the aim of not only engineering them for applications but also to understand why various features of life evolved the way they did. This involves deconvoluting the complexity of their makeup and finding ways to alter their components (genes, proteins, metabolites, etc.) to achieve desired outcomes. As engineers, we believe that building a synthetic system (even if it’s a biological one) is one of the most powerful methods to understand the intricacies of that system.

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Lab Members

Damayanti Chakravarty , Postdoctoral Scholar
Todd Chappell , Postdoctoral Scholar
Aaron Love , PhD Student in Biotechnology Engineering
Trevor Nicks , PhD Student in Biotechnology Engineering
Sean Sullivan , Postdoctoral Scholar