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Forty-nine scholars have completed our IRACDA-funded program since it was founded in 2006. Our program, originally entitled TEACRS, was refunded in 2019 with the new name Tufts-IRACDA. Among our alumni, 89% have taken positions at institutions of higher education across the country, and 85% of those are in tenure-track positions! All others have gone into key industry positions!

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Each of our prior scholars conducted vigorous research related to biomedical issues during their time in the program. They also made strong teaching and mentoring contributions to our partner schools and to teaching and mentoring programs at Tufts University.

  • Scholar Year Current Position
    Elizabeth Draganova 2022 Assistant Professor, Biology, Emory University School of Medicine
    Jennifer Mortensen 2022 Assistant Teaching Professor, Computer Science, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
    Jesús Romo 2022 Assistant Professor, Microbiology & Immunology, University of Texas - San Antonio
    Sophia Theodossiou 2022 Assistant Professor, Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering, Boise State University
    Anne McCabe 2021 Assistant Professor, Basic & Clinical Sciences, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
    Janne Pfeiffenberger 2021 Assistant Professor, Biology, Barry University
    Amy Rohlfing 2021 Assistant Professor, Biology, Saint Anselm College
    Walter Adams 2019 Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences, San Jose State University
    Lauren Crowe 2019 Lecturer, Tufts University
    Morgan Hawker 2019 Assistant Professor, Chemistry, California State Univeristy at Fresno
    Laverne Melón 2019 Assistant Professor, Biology, Wesleyan University
    Robert Wickham 2019 Assistant Professor of Psychology, Elizabethtown College
    Jerrica Briendel 2018 Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences, Quinnipiac University
    Eric Luth 2018 Assistant Professor, Biology, Simmons University
    Margot Schwalbe 2018 Assistant Professor, Biology, Lake Forest College
    Whitney Stoppel 2018 Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, University of Florida at Gainesville
    Kearney Gunsalus 2017 Assistant Professor, Augusta University; University of Georgia Medical Partnership Campus
    Katherine Mattaini 2017 Lecturer, Biology, Roger Williams University
    Adler Yu 2017 Assistant Professor, Biology, University Wisconsin at La Crosse
    Jane Kim 2016 Assistant Professor, Biology, California State University at San Marcos
    Melissa Koch 2016 Instructor, Biology, Western Washington University
    Edward Wlotko 2016 Institute Scientist, Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute
    David Cantu 2015 Associate Director, Medical Affairs, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals
    Denise Cook-Snyder 2015 Associate Professor, Physiology, Medical College of Wisconsin
    Candice Etson 2015 Assistant Professor, Physics, Wesleyan University
    Tess Killpack 2015 Assistant Professor, Biology, Salem State University
    Fathima Nazeer 2015 Assistant Professor, Chemistry, State University of New York at Potsdam
    Nathan Schiele 2015 Assistant Professor, Biological Engineering, University of Idaho
  • Scholar Year Current Position
    Kate O'Toole 2014 Senior Lecturer, Biology, Emory University
    Francisco Maldonado-Arocho 2014 Senior Scientist, Immunology, Anokion
    Annette McGhee 2014 Assistant Professor, Biology, Suffolk University
    Roshni Rainbow 2014 Assistant Professor, Mechanical & Materials Engineering, Queen's University
    Selena Ahmed 2013 Associate Professor, Health & Human Development, Montana State Univeristy (on leave)

    Global Director of the Periodic Table of Foods Initiative, American Heart Association & Biodiversity-CIAT Alliance
    Elyse Bolterstein 2013 Associate Professor, Biology, Northeastern Illinois University
    Caroline Dahlberg 2013 Assistant Professor, Biology, Western Washington University
    Jason Gavenonis 2013 Assistant Professor, Chemistry, Dickinson College
    Leslie McClain 2013 Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts, Boston
    Mara Shainheit 2013 Senior Scientist II, Genocea
    Jason Kuehner 2012 Associate Professor, Biology, Emmanuel College
    Jessica McCready 2012 Associate Professor, Biology, Assumption College
    Erin Gleason 2011 Director, Medical Information & Training, Bluebird Bio
    Monica Hall-Porter 2011 Associate Professor of Instruction, Director I - CNS TIP Scholars, University of Texas - Austin, College of Natural Sciences
    Irvin Pan 2011 Associate Professor, Biology, Stonehill College
    Brad Bolling 2010 Assistant Professor of Food Science, University of Wisconsin at Madison
    Aisling Dugan 2010 Senior Lecturer, Brown University
    Ayana Hinton 2010 Associate Professor, Biology, Denison College
    Christopher LaFratta 2010 Associate Professor, Chemistry, Bard College
    Yan Lin 2010 Instructor, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Suffolk University
    Joseph Sorg 2010 Professor, Biology, Texas A&M University
    Mark Carlson 2009 Portfolio & Alliance Manager, C4 Therapeutics
    Jane Liu 2009 Associate Professor, Chemistry, Pomona College
    Amanda Murphy 2009 Associate Professor, Chemistry, Western Washington University
    Jennifer Kowalski 2008 Professor, Biological Sciences, Butler University