Training Overview

trainee working at the computer

What is PREP?

PREP prepares you to be a successful applicant for quality PhD or MD/PhD biomedical research training. The one-year program gives you the skills to effectively present your research work. The program also mentors your transition from scientific worker to scientist and prepares you to understand current scientific work in your field and in relevant related fields.

Financial Support

PREP trainees receive a salary and health insurance. The PREP salary is equivalent to theĀ Basic Science PhD stipend.

Research & Research Mentoring During PREP

PREP Scholars spend at least 75% of their time engaged in a mentored research project in a field of their choosing. Each Scholar has a faculty mentor who is a member of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) faculty. Scholars also have a Faculty Research Advisory Committee with three members in addition to your mentor. The committee will discuss your project and progress with you at least twice a year.


As a PREP Scholar, you will have the opportunity to take graduate courses as well as a course specifically designed to give you important skills every scientist needs.

Additional Activities

Our PREP Scholars participate in other activities that strengthen preparation for PhD and MD/PhD training. These include:

  • Attend (and hopefully present a poster at) a national meeting related to your field of research
  • Participate in the student activities of a GSBS graduate program related to your field of research
  • Attend graduate student research presentations and also present your research
  • Attend graduate program seminars
  • Attend graduate program retreat
  • Participate in the student journal club of a graduate program
  • Attend PREP graduate application preparation sessions
  • Receive individual guidance in application and interview preparation (includes mock interviews)