Mammalian Genetics at JAX Admissions

student working at the computer

Applicants to the Mammalian Genetics at JAX track apply to the Genetics, Molecular & Cellular Biology program at Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences using the online application. Applicants must select Mammalian Genetics at JAX to apply for this track.

Students accepted into this track begin their studies in July and must commit to doing their dissertation research at The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, ME.

The deadline for applications is follows the standard deadline for GSBS PhD Programs. Candidates are admitted on a rolling schedule, beginning as early as January.

Applicants selected for interview have the opportunity to meet faculty from The Jackson Laboratory and visit the facility in Bar Harbor, ME as well as faculty at the GSBS campus in Boston, MA.

The JAX Track program ensures that students are financially supported throughout their entire thesis dissertation research. Students are encouraged to apply for extramural funding, and are assisted in this process, but additional sources of support are available to students throughout.