Application Fee Waivers

Student working in the lab

All requests for fee waivers, whether for service, leadership, participation in pipeline programs, or financial hardship, are processed through the GSBS online application.

The application fee can be waived for applicants to GSBS PhD and MS programs who are alumni of, or currently enrolled in, a degree or certificate program at Tufts University; meet with a GSBS representative at a conference or recruiting event; or who are affiliated with a variety of leadership, diversity, or service programs, including:

  • McNair
  • Leadership Alliance
  • MARC
  • PREP post-bac programs
  • JAX Summer
  • AmeriCorps
  • City Year
  • Teach for America
  • US Military
  • Peace Corps
  • Gates Millennium
  • Posse
  • Project 1000
  • Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Scholarship Program
  • U54 Partnership

Note that this list is not comprehensive; the most up-to-date listing appears in the application itself.

To receive a waiver, find your program in the “Affiliations and Waivers” section of the online application, and upload a letter from the program verifying participation. Students who received a fee waiver from GSBS at a recruitment event should select "event attendee" and upload the fee waiver card or other documentation indicating which event you attended.

GSBS also offers fee waivers based on financial hardship to applicants who are US citizens, US nationals, or permanent residents who are applying to a PhD program in the basic sciences. GSBS is not able to offer a financial hardship waiver for international applicants.

All requests for application fee waivers must be submitted through the online application portal. The Admissions Office cannot process requests for waivers that are submitted via email.