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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

The P2P Advantage

working in the lab

The P2P experience can change your perspective about science and research. Read what former trainees have to say.

Brian Hall (P2P 2018): For me, the P2P program did all that it was advertised to do and more. Not only did I get a realistic hands on experience of the day to day life of a PhD student, which helped guide me on what the next steps of my life would be, but it also presented a perfect opportunity to network and practice marketable skills of my resume such as presenting data, public speaking, and research in biohazard lab. I would highly recommend this program. 

Dora Kadish (P2P 2017): The P2P program gave me the push I needed to pursue a PhD of my own.  Before that, the various paths following post-graduate life held closer resemblance to a far-fetched dream rather than a tangible idea.  I knew that I did not want to go to medical school, and I would not reach my full potential with only a Master's.  The P2P program allowed me to know exactly what it meant to get a PhD in the sciences, thus allowing me to feel comfortable and confident in pursuing that degree. 

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Consider P2P and apply for the coming year.

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