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Lasagna Award for Translational Research

Louis Lasagna at Commencement

The Lasagna Award for Translational Research was established in 2006 to honor Louis Lasagna, MD, former dean of our school. This award for excellence is presented to the GSBS student who has published the strongest paper in translational research in the previous 12-month period.

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GSBS graduates within the last 12 months and currently enrolled students may be nominated for this award. They must have published a first-authored research paper that has a clear link to translational research during the past 12 months. Papers that are in press at the time nominations are solicited are also eligible for consideration.

Nomination Deadline

The nomination deadline is in February of each academic year.

Nomination Procedures

Individuals are nominated for this award by their Program Director. Each Program Director may submit one nomination each year. A nomination packet must include the following documents:

  • A nomination letter written by the Program Director not to exceed three pages in length.
  • A copy of the candidate's paper which must be first-authored and submitted to a recognized, peer-reviewed journal, and published, "in press," or officially "accepted for publication" before the March 15.

Selection Criteria

The GSBS Awards Committee reviews the nomination packets and assesses each nomination with respect to the significance of the work and the way the work advances translational research goals. Our Dean reviews the nomination packets and selects a single winner from a pool of no more than three candidates selected by the Awards Committee.

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Many GSBS faculty are based at Tufts Medical Center, enhancing translational research at our school.