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Charlton Poster Award

Student presenting at a poster fair

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The Charlton Poster Awards are presented based on performance at the Charlton Poster Competition, an annual event that occurs in the fall of each year.

The research presented must be the work of the student and completed during the student's enrollment at Tufts. The intent of this event is to give students an opportunity to exchange ideas with the Tufts and Boston scientific community, as well as to develop presentation skills. Students with similar levels of training are evaluated with their peers. Participants are typically divided into three groups:

  • GSBS Junior Category: GSBS PhD students in years 1-3, MD/PhD students in GSBS years 1-2, and GSBS MS students
  • GSBS Senior Category: GSBS biomedical PhD students in years 4 and above, MD/PhD students in GSBS years 4 and above, and GSBS CTS PhD students
  • Professional Category: All Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Medicine students and MD/PhD students in TUSM years 1 and 2.  

If there are a small number of participants in a particular category, the selection committee may combine categories.

Award Amount

In each group listed above, there will be a combination of first place ($500), second place ($250), third place ($100), and fourth place ($50) winners.


GSBS, Medical, MD/PhD, Dental, and Veterinary students are eligible to participate in the poster competition. The research presented must be the work of the student and completed during the student's enrollment at Tufts.

Application Process

Students initiate the process by submitting an abstract. Participants must submit their abstracts via the online form by the deadline published by the GSBS office. Students prepare a poster describing the background and scientific findings related to their research.

Deadline for Abstract Submission

The Charlton Poster competition will take place virtually on November 1, 2021 on Gather. Abstracts must be submitted by the published deadline for consideration.

Please submit via the online form.

Poster Judging

Participants should be available at their poster from 12 – 2 pm on November 1. Each participant will also be assigned a 15-minute time slot within that 2 hour time frame for presentation to a panel of faculty judges. 8 minutes of this 15 minute time slot should be for presenting the poster; the remaining time is for questions from the panel of faculty judges. Award winners will be announced by the end of the day on Tuesday, November 2.

Poster Size

Posters should be approximately 36"x48". Instructions for uploading of posters to the Gather platform will be provided closer to November 1, 2021.

Selection Criteria

  • Research Design and Data Analysis (25 points):
    • Is the experimental design or clinical study design adequate to address the formulated hypothesis?
    • Have appropriate controls been performed?
    • Have statistical analyses been performed appropriately and do they address possible confounding factors?
  • Degree of Involvement in the project (25 points):
    • Was the student involved in the process from start to finish, i.e. conceiving, performing, and analyzing results of the presented experiments or clinical study?
    • Have most of the presented results been obtained as a result of the student’s research?
  • Significance of the work (25 points):
    • Is the student aware of and able to convey the significance of their work in the larger framework of the field in which s/he is working?
  • Poster Presentation (25 points):
    • Is the student able to present the background, results, and conclusions of the poster in a way that is logical, that is understandable to scientists with minimal background in the area?
    • Did the student convey enthusiasm for the work?
    • Was the poster arranged in a logical format that is easy to follow?

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