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Student Awards

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The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) recognizes and honors graduate student achievements in the following areas: exceptional scholarship; outstanding academic and research performance; superior research poster presentations; outstanding teaching quality, excellence in the PhD thesis, and distinction in translational research publications. The Awards Committee invites our students to apply for the following awards and gives each applicant full consideration.  Please consult the appropriate page for a full description of the application process for each award.

GSBS Student Awards

GSBS Student Enrichment Fund

The GSBS Student Enrichment Fund is available to students in the spring and fall semesters and recognizes the importance of attending scientific meetings, additional courses, career and networking seminars, and research/technical skills workshops in PhD education.

Earle P. Charlton Poster Competition

The Charlton Poster Competition is held annually in conjunction with the Charlton Lecture to recognize outstanding research work presented in poster format.

Norman and Susan Krinsky Excellence in Teaching Award

The Krinsky Award is presented annually to recognize commitment to and excellence in teaching.

Louis Lasagna Graduate Student Award in Translational Research

The Lasagna Award is presented annually to recognize excellence in a translational research publication.

GSBS Dean's Award

The Dean's Award is presented annually to recognize excellence in thesis research by a graduating PhD candidate.

GSBS Dean's Fellow Award

The Dean's Fellows Award is presented annually to recognize high achievement in scholarship and research at our school.

Rosenberg Fellowship

The Rosenberg fellowship is presented annually to recognize outstanding achievement in research and scholarship during a student's first two years at GSBS.

Tufts Provost Fellow Award

The Tufts Provost Fellows Award is presented annually to recognize high academic achievement in the incoming doctoral student class.

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