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Registration Information

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Course listings are available on SIS, the student information system. On the login screen, you may click "Search for Classes" to see courses offered in a particular term or click "Browse Course Catalog" to view all courses ever offered at Tufts. You are not required to log in to view this information.

Registration Step by Step

Step 1: Beginning the Registration Process

All students must register online through SIS.

  • Go to SIS
  • Enter your Tufts Username and Password
  • Press Enter. Your customized SIS homepage will appear

If you have difficulty accessing SIS, please contact Information Technology support.

If you have questions about your Tufts Username or Password, please visit TuftsTools.

Step 2: Search the Schedule and Add Courses to Your Shopping Cart

  • Under the Classes menu at the top of the page, click on "Search for Classes"
  • After entering appropriate Search Criteria, click SEARCH. A Search Results page will appear. Click any course name to view more information about it.
  • Add a course to your Shopping Cart by selecting the course and clicking the "Add to Cart" button.

Tip: To see all of the courses available at GSBS at once, simply click search from the "Search for Classes" screen without entering any additional criteria beyond school and term.

Step 3: Enrolling in Courses

  • From the Shopping Cart, select the checkbox next to each class in which you wish to enroll, then click "Enroll"
  • Review the "Review Your Selection" page that appears, then click "Finish Enrolling"
  • View the "My Enrollment Summary" page in the “Classes” menu to determine whether you were successfully enrolled in your selected classes.

View SIS Documentation page for additional instruction.

Additional Information for Incoming Students

In order to be cleared for matriculation and registration, incoming students must:

  • Complete their file, including all final official transcripts from previous institutions
  • Submit required proof of immunizations
  • Set up their Tufts University e-mail address
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Student Awards

Student awards recognize research achievement and celebrate the accomplishments of our students.

Career Workshop

Career Opportunities

We provide workshops, seminars and internship opportunities that help students prepare for their future careers.