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Graduate Student Compact

Student and faculty member

Graduate training is a special educational experience that involves close interaction between the student and the thesis advisor. The relationship between these individuals shapes much of the graduate experience. 

In recognition of the commitment required by the student, the mentor and the institution, the Group on Graduate Research, Education and Training (GREAT) of the American Association of Medical Colleges has developed a Graduate Student Compact. GREAT, is made up of deans of biomedical graduate schools like GSBS and others deeply involved in biomedical education.

The GSBS Executive Council and our Graduate Student Council have reviewed the Graduate Student Compact prepared by the GREAT group and approved an amended version. This document puts forward the principles, responsibilities and commitments of graduate students, faculty, thesis advisers and the institution. 

GSBS students should be familiar with the GSBS version the Graduate Student Compact.  Students and mentors are expected to review this document when students select their thesis laboratory.

Download the Student Compact.

Graduates at commencement


Tufts University holds one commencement ceremony each year on the third Sunday in May to recognize all students who have graduated in the past year. 


GSBS Alums

GSBS has graduated over 1,100 students who have gone on to exciting careers in all aspects of biomedical science.