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Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act

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The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights with respect to their education records. Fundamentally, the Act grants you access to your "educational records" (as defined), the right to seek to change portions of them which are incorrect or inaccurate, and the right to limit or prevent their disclosure to third parties, except those allowed access by the Act.

A full description of this policy can be found in our Student Handbook.

Please read this section of the Handbook carefully so that you understand your rights.

Address any questions you may have to the GSBS Registrar.

Directory Information

"Directory information" is personally identifiable information about students in attendance at the University that may be disclosed without the prior consent of the student, subject to the right of the student to inform the University in writing that all "directory information" with respect to him or her shall not be so disclosed, as discussed below.

The following items are designated as "directory information."

  • Student's name
  • Address (both local and permanent)
  • Telephone number (local, cell and permanent)
  • Date and place of birth
  • Academic program (school, degree, major, minor)
  • Enrollment status (dates of attendance, full-time/part-time status)
  • Degrees, honors and awards received
  • Participation in athletics and student activities
  • Most recent educational institution attended
  • E-mail address
  • Photo

Directory Information is used in a variety of ways, including:

  • On-line Student Directory – name, year, and Tufts email address.
  • GSBS Web Site – name; previous degrees, majors, and educational institutions; GSBS program; and photo.
  • Commencement program – names, undergraduate and graduate schools, and any awards received by members of the graduating class.

Students may restrict the release of directory information, except to school officials with legitimate educational interests and to others as permitted by law. In order to restrict the release of such records, a student must make a request, in writing, to the associate dean or the registrar.

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