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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Joan Mecsas

What is the ultimate goal of your research?

To understand how bacterial pathogens manipulate host defenses to establish infections.

What excites you about your research?

Learning new things about the interplay between bacterial pathogens and mammalian immune defenses. Watching students start testing a hypothesis and develop it over the years often in unanticipated directions.

What do you like best about GSBS students?

Their enthusiasm and commitment to each other and their programs.

What qualities distinguish GSBS from other graduate schools?

Faculty are very collaborative with each other and interactive with students and post-docs from other labs.

What do you do to relax?

Reading, gardening, yoga, hiking

What is your favorite Boston restaurant?

Les Zygomates

Joan Mecsas
Home Town: Lincoln, MA
Prior Degrees: 
BA, Biochemistry, Swarthmore College
PhD, Cellular and Molecular Biology, University of Wisconsin-Madison