Research/Areas of Interest:

Despite the global burden of cryptosporidiosis, there are limited treatment. Another major problem in resource-limited areas of the world is Environmental Enteric Dysfunction (EED), a syndrome associated with stunted growth in young children. Cryptosporidiosis is associated with EED as well as with stunting in these children. My project is focused on using novel bioengineered 2D and 3D stem-cell-based human intestinal enteroid derived models to help understand the pathogenesis of cryptosporidiosis and EED and their association. The long-term goal is to develop targeted interventions for both conditions.


BSc, Biology, Zoology & Chemistry, India Institute of Technology, Rookee, India
MSc, Biotechnology, India Institute of Technology, Rookee, India
PhD, Molecular Biology, Institute of Medical Technology, Chandigarh, India