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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Support the Future of Biomedical Science with Doctoral Fellowships

Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Supporting GSBS through fellowship gifts is an important way to have a lasting impact on young scientists.
students in the lab

Photo: 06/02/2021 - Boston, Mass. - Dr. Maribel Rios, Professor of Neuroscience, poses for a photo in her lab with Alice Meng, doctoral candidate in Cellular, Molecular and Developmental Biology, and Stella Xiyun Chen, doctoral candidate in Neuroscience and MD/PhD student. (Alonso Nichols/Tufts University)

One of the most powerful lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic is that science matters. Our health, and that of future generations, depends on excellent biomedical research and the people who power that research and dedicate their lives to biomedical science.

We know that serious investment in biomedical science - starting with the education and training of tomorrow’s scientists - is needed to meet the complex challenges in human health that lie ahead, including infectious and chronic diseases, antibiotic resistant bacteria or other threats. Yet today, there are not enough PhD-level biomedical scientists to meet demand, particularly in research and development.

GSBS Fellowships

Through our doctoral training program, the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences is serving the needs of biomedical science, and human health and preparing a new generation of researchers who are ready to lead. We offer rigorous training in basic science and all facets of contemporary research paired with in-depth career preparation and mentorship, all within a community that nurtures collaboration and innovation.

Financial support is the cornerstone of GSBS graduate education. GSBS Fellowships provide support for a first-year doctoral candidate as they begin their career in biomedical science.

But fellowships offer far more than these immediate benefits.

  • Fellowships are a sought-after honor for graduate students, opening the door to valuable career opportunities.
  • They help GSBS build a diverse and talented student body, and recruit top candidates.
  • Each GSBS Fellowship demonstrates our shared commitment to students, and encourages more support from alumni, friends, and industry.

Growing GSBS Fellowships together

Our aspiration is to establish 20 doctoral fellowships, providing a first-year fellowship to every doctoral candidate. We are honored to celebrate the first three of these fellowship funds: the Naomi Rosenberg, Ph.D., and Morton B. Rosenberg, D.M.D., D74, Fellowship, the Jonathan Schimmel J. Schimmel PhD Fellowship, and the third by an anonymous donor.

Many giving options

Those interested in creating a GSBS Fellowship may select an endowed fund to provide support in perpetuity, a term fund, or a pooled fund combining the gifts of multiple donors. Donors have a range of options for gift assets, and gift arrangements including outright gift or gift planning arrangements, such as a bequest. Our development staff is happy to answer questions and provide you with information tailored to your needs.

At GSBS and Tufts University, we are preparing visionary leaders ready to take on future challenges in biomedical science and human health, and create a healthier world. Thank you for joining us!

For more information on fellowship funding contact Roxanne L. Beal, Director of Development at or (617) 636-2417.