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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Message from Your GSC - October 13, 2020

Tuesday, October 13, 2020
Be sure to take time for yourself as we all go through a challenging year.
BRPH Entrance

Hello GSBS!

We hope everyone has been enjoying the cooler weather and the changing foliage. I know I’m trying to go on a hike to peep some leaves soon! We also hope that everyone has been staying safe and healthy as we progress into the school year. 2020 has brought about many challenges for all of us so I wanted to emphasize that it’s okay to feel unproductive and that things aren’t normal (they aren’t!). It is particularly important now more than ever to prioritize self-care. This can take many forms such as going for a run, reading a book, taking a walk by the Charles etc. Whatever it may be, make sure you schedule in down time for yourself to help destress. And once you’ve taken the time for yourself, reach out to a friend/peer/colleague. Even with the social distancing and cancelled events, we’re all still a community!

We wanted to highlight a few good resources if you’ve been feeling stressed and want to reach out:

REFS – Peer support program (
Contact: Alyssa DiLeo

Your GSC reps – Find yours here

Tufts Wellness – Wellness office with resources
Contact: Sharon Snaggs

Talk One2One – Free telehealth counseling
Contact: 800-756-3124

We also wanted to take a moment to remind you to read and sign the student compact if you haven’t done so yet. You can find the full text and place to sign here:

We hope you have a very spooky October!

Your GSC