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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Three GSBS Faculty Receive Tufts Launchpad Funding

Thursday, July 30, 2020
Jamie Maguire, Jim Scwob and Nikhil Nair were all selected for Tufts Launchpad Accelerator funding recently.
BRPH Entrance

The Tufts Launchpad | Accelerator (TLA) Program is designed to support translational research aimed at extending preliminary observations, establishing proof-of-concept, scaling-up a product or process, and generating (or enhancing) intellectual property (IP) positions.

Three GSBS faculty received support from this program recently.

Jamie Maguire, PhD, a member of the Neuroscience and PDD programs received support for her project "Next generation drug development for depression".

Jim Schwob, MD, PhD, a member of the CMDB, Genetics and Neuroscience programs received support for his project "Utilizing stem cell activation through siRNA as a therapy for smell loss".

Nikhil Nair, PhD, a member of the CMDB program received support for his project "Optimizing a high-yield, low-cost bioprocess for the rare sugar tagatose".

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