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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Immunology Featured in Research Spotlight

Thursday, April 4, 2019
Pilar Alcaide and Immunology student Jay Ngwenyama investigate the roles of T cells in heart failure.
immune mechanisms and the heart

Work from the Alcaide lab, lead by Jay Ngwenyama, a fourth year Immunology PhD student has shed new light on the way CD4+ T cells, become activated and recruited to the heart to mediate adverse cardiac remodeling. This work advances our understanding of heart failure.

Check out Jay's papers.

Ngwenyama N, Salvador AM, Velázquez F, Nevers T, Levy A, Aronovitz MJ, Luster AD, Huggins GS, Alcaide P. 2019. CXCR3 regulates CD4+ T cell cardiotropism in pressure overload induced cardiac dysfunction. JCI Insight Epub ahead of print. Abstract

Nevers T, Salvador AM, Velazquez F, Ngwenyama N, Carrillo-Salinas FJ, Aronovitz M, Blanton RM, Alcaide P. 2017. Th1 effector T cells selectively orchestrate cardiac fibrosis in nonischemic heart failure. J Exp Med. 214: 3311-3329. Abstract

Read the Pilar's and Jay's full contribution.