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Moss Lab Research on Epilepsy Featured

Saturday, August 11, 2018
Understanding dysfunctional GABA receptor signaling may help the development of new therapeutics.
image of a brain
Image - NIMH

The mechanisms underlying GABAA receptor function are central to new findings from the Moss lab, published this week in Nature Communications.  This work is also highlighted in an article by the paper's lead author, Rachel Hines, a former postdoctoral scholar in the Moss lab and now Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Nevada - Las Vegas.  Dr. Hines initiated this work during her postdoctoral training in the Moss lab.

Read Dr. Hines' article.

Hines RM, Maric HM, Hines DJ, Modgil A, Panzanelli P, Nakamura Y, Nathanson AJ, Cross A, Deeb T, Brandon NJ, Davies P, Fritschy JM, Schindelin H, Moss SJ. 20018. Developmental seizures and mortality result from reducing GABAA receptor α2-subunit interaction with collybistin. 2018. Nat Commun. 9: 3130. Abstract