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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Associate Dean's Message - April 30, 2018

Recognizing the Accomplishments of Our Students
Siobhan McRee and Alex Fine receive Presidential Awards for Civic Life
Jaclyn Dunphy and Biology student Allen Chen take third place in the $100K competition

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As the spring semester is winding down and we are just a few weeks away from Commencement, this is the time that we look at the accomplishments of our students. 

Last week the 2018 Presidential Awards for Civic Life were presented to a select group of 20 undergraduate and graduate students. I am pleased to announce that two of our students were selected for an award. Siobhan McRee, Genetics, was honored for her work creating GWiSE and Mentoring Circles along with other community service activities. Alex Fine, Genetics at the Jackson Lab, was honored for his work developing the student community in Bar Harbor and serving on a variety of Jackson Lab committees. 

Jaclyn Dunphy, Neuroscience, along with Allan Chen, a Tufts Biology graduate student, earned third place in the Gordon Institute's $100K New Ventures Competition. They pitched their idea for Cabin Labs, a pharmaceutical company engineering a safe medicine for chronic pain, and were awarded some seed money to begin their venture.

Congratulations to all of our outstanding students!

Daniel Volchok, Associate Dean
April 30, 2018