Associate Dean's Message - November 7, 2022

GSBS congratulates recent student awardees
Sackler building entrance

Dear GSBS.

An important aspect of scientific research is presenting your work, regardless of where you are in the research process. I am always amazed at our students’ presentation skills and research findings, and the past few weeks were no exception.

On October 24 we held the annual Charlton Poster Competition – in person for the first time since 2019 – where 23 GSBS students were among the poster presenters.

Winners were selected in both junior and senior categories as follows:

Junior Graduate Student Category

  • 1st Place - Hanan Bloomer, CMDB MD/PhD
  • 2nd Place - Alexandra Werner, Immunology
  • 3rd Place - Abigail Lemons, Neuroscience MD/PhD
  • 4th Place - Molly Brady, Neuroscience
  • 5th Place - Ryan Ashiqueali, Master’s of Biomedical Sciences

Senior Graduate Student Category

  • 1st Place - Nicholas Camarda, CMDB MD/PhD
  • 2nd Place - Bethany Rennich, Neuroscience
  • 3rd Place - Sasha Smolgovsky, Immunology
  • 4th Place - Tionna Ouellette, Neuroscience Jackson Lab
  • 5th Place - Ragav Siddarth Partharasathy, Immunology

Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to the winners.

Additionally, Leeanne Vázquez-Ramírez, a PREP Scholar, received an award for Outstanding Research Presentation at SACNAS’ 2022 National Diversity in STEM conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Congratulations to Leeanne.

I look forward to seeing additional awards our students will receive for their research and presentations.

Dan Volchok, Associate Dean