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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Recent Publications from the Wallingford Lab

Biwer LA, Wallingford MC, Jaffe IZ. 2019. Vascular mineralocorticoid receptor: Evolutionary mediator of wound healing turned harmful by our modern lifestyle. Am J Hypertens. 32: 123-124. Abstract

Wallingford MC, Benson C, Chavkin NW, Chin MT, Frasch MG. 2018. Placental vascular calcification and cardiovascular health: It is time to determine how much of maternal and offspring health is written in stone. Front Physiol. 9: 1044. Abstract

Scatena M, Jackson MF, Speer MY, Leaf EM, Wallingford MC, Giachelli CM. 2018. Increased calcific aortic valve disease in response to a diabetogenic, procalcific diet in the LDLr-/-ApoB100/100 mouse model. Cardiovasc Pathol. 34: 28-37. Abstract

Yamada S, Wallingford MC, Borgeia S, Cox TC, Giachelli CM. 2018. Loss of PiT-2 results in abnormal bone development and decreased bone mineral density and length in mice. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 34: 28-37. Abstract

Wallingford MC, Hiller J, Zhang K, Mager J. 2017. YY1 is required for posttranscriptional stability of SOX2 and OCT4 proteins. Cell Reprogram. 19: 263-269. Abstract

Wallingford MC, Chia JJ, Leaf EM, Borgeia S, Chavkin NW, Sawangmake C, Marro K, Cox TC, Speer MY, Giachelli CM. 2017. Slc20a2 deficiency in mice leads to elevated phosphate levels in cerebrospinal fluid and glymphatic pathway-associated arteriolar calcification, and recapitulates human idiopathic basal ganglia calcification. Brain Pathol. 27: 64-76 Abstract

Lin ME, Chen TM, Wallingford MC, Nguyen NB, Yamada S, Sawangmake C, Zhang J, Speer MY, Giachelli CM. 2016. Runx2 deletion in smooth muscle cells inhibits vascular osteochondrogenesis and calcification but not atherosclerotic lesion formation. Cardiovasc Res. 112: 606-616. Abstract

Wallingford MC, Gammill HS, Giachelli CM. 2016. Slc20a2 deficiency results in fetal growth restriction and placental calcification associated with thickened basement membranes and novel CD13 and lamininα1 expressing cells. Reprod Biol. 16: 13-26. Abstract

Wallingford MC, Filkins R, Adams D, Walentuk M, Salicioni AM, Visconti PE, Mager J. 2015. Identification of a novel isoform of the leukemia-associated MLLT1 (ENL/LTG19) protein. Gene Exp Patterns. 17: 11-15. Abstract

Wallingford MC, Giachelli CM. 2014. Loss of PiT-1 results in abnormal endocytosis in the yolk sac visceral endoderm. Mech Dev. 133: 189-202. Abstract

Shin J, Wallingford MC, Gallant J, Marcho C, Jiao B, Byron M, Bossenz M, Lawrence JB, Jones SN, Mager J, Bach I. 2014. RLIM is dispensable for X-chromosome inactivation in the mouse embryonic epiblast. Nature 511: 86-89. Abstract

Wallingford MC, Angelo JR and Mager J. 2013.Morphogenetic analysis of peri-implantation development. Dev Dyn. 242: 1110-1120. Abstract