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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Calvin Vary

Professor of Medicine
Calvin Vary

Calvin Vary

Professor of Medicine

Office phone: 207-396-8148
Lab phone: 207-396-8175
Campus: MMCRI, Scarborough, Maine
20321 & 20322
BS, North Carolina State University
PhD, Biological Chemistry, Michigan State University
Postdoctoral Training, Syracuse University
Research synopsis: 

Our laboratory works to understand how endoglin, a TGFβ receptor-associated transmembrane protein, and the TGFβ receptors, regulate the process of angiogenesis and the occurrence of vascular pathology. In humans, mutations in the genes encoding either endoglin, or the TGFβ receptor ALK1, cause the vascular disease hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT). Currently, we are interested in those aspects of endoglin's structure that regulate its phosphorylation by the TGFβ receptors, and how endoglin phosphorylation affects cell physiology within a variety of tissue contexts. Understanding the details of endoglin's function will lead to mechanistic insights into the processes of cell adhesion, migration, and invasion, and will advance our understanding of a variety of complex biological processes, including vascular development, vascular disease, and cancer progression.

Lab members: