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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Theoharis Theoharides
Office phone: 617-636-6866
Lab phone: 617-636-6898
Campus: Boston
Office: Jaharis 304F
Jaharis 304
BA, Biology & History of Medicine, Yale University
MS, MPhil, Immunology, Yale University
PhD, Pharmacology, Yale University
MD, Yale University
Research synopsis: 

Our laboratory investigates the mechanism of selective secretion of cytokines and other pro-inflammatory molecules from mast cells. We have shown for the first time that mast cells can be activated by corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH), the first molecule generated under stress, and by interleukin-1. CRH-activated mast cells lead to disruption of the gut-blood-brain barriers and thus contribute to brain inflammation. This process may participate in the pathophysiology of many diseases that worsen or precipitate under stress.

Lab members: