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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Ryan Tewhey

Assistant Professor of Medicine
ryan tewhey

Ryan Tewhey

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Office phone: 207-288-6537
Campus: JAX - Bar Harbor, Maine
BS, Molecular & Cellular Biology & Biochemistry, University of Maine
PhD, Biological Sciences, University of California - San Diego
Postdoctoral Training, Harvard University; The Broad Institute
Research synopsis: 

The mission of our research group is to characterize and learn the grammar of cis-regulatory elements, in both mouse and human models, using novel technological approaches such as high-throughput reporter assays and CRISPR based screens of non-coding regions in the genome. We also plan to build upon the knowledge from genome wide association studies and leverage this resource of genetic risk to disease in human populations to construct better animal models that precisely reflect disease phenotypes.

Lab members: