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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Donna Slonim

Professor of Computer Science
Donna Slonim

Donna Slonim

Professor of Computer Science

Office phone: 617-627-2225
Campus: Medford
Office: Halligan Hall
Halligan Hall
BS, Computer Science, Yale University
MS, Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley
PhD, Computer Science, MIT
Research synopsis: 

With the recent proliferation of genomic data sets, opportunities for computational scientists to make fundamental contributions to medical research have grown phenomenally. My group is focused on developing novel computational methods to advance medical research in two primary areas: determining key regulatory processes governing normal human fetal development, and predicting or interpreting interactions between sets of proteins in a context-dependent fashion. Ongoing projects include studies of normal and abnormal human fetal development, designing novel approaches to the analysis of microarray data, and inferring regulatory or functional networks by integrating different types of genomic information. I'm also interested in advancing the field of "computational pharmacogenomics" by identifying drug targets, improving personalized medicine, and suggesting new roles for existing therapeutics via computational analysis.

Lab members: