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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Rebecca Scheck

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Rebecca Scheck

Rebecca Scheck

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Office phone: 617-627-0450
Campus: Medford
Office: Pearson 100X
BA, Chemistry, Columbia University
PhD, Chemistry, University of California - Berkeley
Postdoctoral Training, Yale University
Research synopsis: 

Research in the Scheck laboratory focuses on the development and application of encodable, bioorthogonal chemical strategies. These tools will be used to report on inducible changes in protein function and structure in living cells, particularly posttranslational modifications (PTMs). Our focus is on PTMs that have been particularly difficult to study using traditional approaches. We address this challenge through the development of selective chemistries that offer a new toolkit for understanding how protein function is controlled within a cell. Current efforts in the lab focus on the development of new chemical methods that can be used to study complex posttranslational modification networks including glycation, ubiquitination and phosphorylation or to monitor changes in protein-protein interactions or associations.

Lab members: