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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Recent Publications from the Prudovsky Lab

Carter DW, Prudovsky I, Kacer D, Soul T, Kumpel C, Pyburn K, Palmeri M, Kramer R, Rappold J. 2018. Tranexamic acid suppresses the release of mitochondrial damps and reduces lung inflammation in a murine burn model. J Trauma Acute Care Surg. Epub ahead of print. Abstract

Jayanthi S, Kathir KM, Rajalingam D, Furr M, Daily A, Thurman R, Rutherford L, Chandrashekar R, Adams P, Prudovsky I, Kumar TK. 2014. Copper binding affinity of the C2B domain of synaptotagmin-1 and its potential role in the nonclassical secretion of acidic fibroblast growth factor. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1844: 2155-2163.  Abstract

Wang T, Green LA, Gupta SK, Kim C, Wang L, Almodovar S, Flores SC, Prudovsky IA, Jolicoeur P, Liu Z, Clauss M. Transfer of intracellular HIV Nef to endothelium causes endothelial dysfunction. PLoS One 9: e91063.  Abstract

Prudovsky I. 2014. Nonclassically secreted regulators of angiogenesis. Angiol Open Access 1: 1000101.  Abstract

Poole A, Knowland N, Cooper E, Cole R, Wang H, Booth L, Kacer D, Tarantini F, Friesel R, Prudovsky I. 2014. Transitory FGF treatment results in the long-lasting suppression of the proliferative response to repeated FGF stimulation. J Cell Biochem. 115: 874-888.  Abstract

Gong Y, Yang X, He Q, Gower L, Prudovsky I, Vary CP, Brooks PC, Friesel RE. 2013. Sprouty4 regulates endothelial cell migration via modulating integrin β3 stability through c-Src. Angiogenesis 16: 861-875.  Abstract

Danza G, Di Serio C, Ambrosio MR, Sturli N, Lonetto G, Rosati F, Rocca BJ, Ventimiglia G, Del Vecchio MT, Prudovsky I, Marchionni N, Tarantini F. 2013. Notch3 is activated by chronic hypoxia and contributes to the progression of human prostate cancer. Int J Cancer 133: 2577-2586. Abstract

Sterling SM, Allgeyer ES, Fick J, Prudovsky I, Mason MD, Neivandt DJ. 2013. Phospholipid diffusion coefficients of cushioned model membranes determined via z-scan fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. Langmuir 29: 7966-7944. Abstract

Prudovsky I, Kumar TK, Sterling S, Neivandt D. 2013. Protein-phospholipid interactions in nonclassical protein secretion: problem and methods of study. Int J Mol Sci. 14: 3734-3772. Abstract

Lopez-Castejon G, Luheshi NM, Compan V, High S, Whitehead RC, Flitsch SL, Kirov A, Prudovsky I, Swanton E, Brough D. 2013. Deubiquitinases regulate the activity of caspase-1 and IL-1β secretion via assembly of the inflammasome. J Biol Chem. 288: 2721-2733. Abstract

Meng H, Zhang X, Yu G, Lee SJ, Chen YE, Prudovsky I, Wang MM. 2012. Biochemical characterization and cellular effects of CADASIL mutants of NOTCH3. PLoS One 7: e44964. Abstract

Prudovsky I, Vary CP, Markaki Y, Olins AL, Olins DE. 2012. Phosphatidylserine colocalizes with epichromatin in interphase nuclei and mitotic chromosomes. Nucleus 3: 200-210. Abstract

Danza G, Di Serio C, Rosati F, Lonetto G, Sturli N, Kacer D, Pennella A, Ventimiglia G, Barucci R, Piscazzi A, Prudovsky I, Landriscina M, Marchionni N, Tarantini F. 2012. Notch signaling modulates hypoxia-induced neuroendocrine differentiation of human prostate cancer cells. Mol Cancer Res. 10: 230-238. Abstract

Kirov A, Al-Hashimi H, Solomon P, Mazur C, Thorpe PE, Sims PJ, Tarantini F, Kumar TK, Prudovsky I. 2012. Phosphatidylserine externalization and membrane blebbing are involved in the nonclassical export of FGF1. J Cell Biochem. 113: 956-966. Abstract

Kirov A, Duarte M, Guay J, Karolak M, Yan C, Oxburgh L, Prudovsky I. 2012. Transgenic expression of nonclassically secreted FGF suppresses kidney repair. PLoS One 7: e36485. Abstract