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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Madeleine Oudin

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Madeleine Oudin

Madeleine Oudin

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Office phone: 617-627-2580
Campus: Medford
Office: Science & Engineering Complex - 134
Science & Engineering Complex - 139
BSc, Biochemistry, McGill University
MSc, Pharmacology, Kings College, London
PhD, Neuroscience, Kings College, London
Postdoctoral Training, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Research synopsis: 

The main goal of the lab is investigate the role of the extracellular matrix (ECM), and its associated components, in cancer metastasis and drug resistance. The ECM is required for morphogenesis and maintenance tissue integrity, and it acts as a key regulator and effector of both physiological and pathophysiological tissue function. We study cancer progression from the perspective of the ECM, focusing on how dynamic, bidirectional signaling between the ECM and cells regulates cell behavior in tumor, immune and stromal compartments. Our interdisciplinary approach will place the lab at the intersection of cell biology, translational research, and bioengineering, and we will implement innovative technologies such as intravital imaging, 3D CRISPR screens, microfluidics and implantable devices to support our research.

Lab members: